Is a 16GB Variant Smartphone Enough for Gaming?

If you are planning to purchased a 16GB variant smartphone of any brand that doesn’t support installation of games and applications on an external memory such as Xiaomi smartphones. I would suggest stay away from this specific variant, rather choose 32GB or 64GB variant if you are really want to enjoy your device and also if you are planning to install 5-10 games.

Android games nowadays requires hundreds of Megabytes and some even reach up to 1GB of file size because of new updates every week or every month. I regret purchasing 16GB variant as I can only install 3-4 games and I can’t even save my favorite mp3 songs and snap photos as the storage itself is not sufficient at all.

Again if you are looking to buy a smartphone for gaming, be sure to choose device with at least 3GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and at least 32-64GB of internal storage. Microsd cards are still quite pricey nowadays especially the ones with faster writer and read speeds, 64GB would costs you additional $25 and for the 128GB would costs you $50. The problem with newer smartphones these days specially Android Lollipop variants not let you install on the card, because of safety protocols. Instead you can only install app and games in the built-in storage. What does this mean you are only limited to the internal storage even you purchase a large external device.

The only purpose of those external microSD cards are for storing photos, mp3 files, and video such as movies and recordings. I hope this simple guide helps you in any way. If you have any questions related to gaming,  from consoles, computers, and to hardware specifics don’t think twice and throw your questions via email or straight to the comment section down below. Have a great day!