Awesome Looking Gaming Headsets

Playing games can be exciting if you will be using a dedicated gaming headset with 5.1 surrounds sound technology, specially if you are playing first person shooting games, as you will be able to feel every footsteps, sounds of the surroundings, in incoming projectile towards you. You will also be able to experience almost real-like sounds of sports car if you are into racing. Every time the engines rev and speed up, from braking and up to drifting, you will feel those sounds in detailed. Those are just 2 of the many benefits you can get with those kind of gaming peripherals, Here are the most popular headsets you can avail in your local tech store.

Steel Series Siberia V2

Perfect for audiophiles, this headphones is equipped with 50mm driver, and has a programmable illumination of your choice available in blue and orange. These headphones can output crystal clear vocals from low up to high tones with ease. It is also designed to be lightweight and it is fully compatible with PC and Mac. Heat orange is my favorite color for this brand.

Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless SE Premium Gaming Headset

This premium headphone features Genuine Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround to give you the most outstanding performance in terms of audio output. It can delivers immersive multi-channel audio that will make you feel the intense action while playing your favorite games. It features wireless connectivity up to 40ft range with up to 16 hours of battery usage so that you can enjoy playing longer hours. In addition it also comes with RGB technology to match up your gaming theme.

Razer Mano’war

One of the latest gaming headphones by Razor, it features wireless connectivity as well with up to 14-20 hours of continuous usage depending if lighting mode is active or not. It also equipped with Razer Chrome lighting and the most important specs is its 50mm driver with neodymium magnets. This headphones is powered by wireless 2.4GHz bandwidth not Bluetooth connection and can reach up to 40ft same with Corsair Void.

Those are the top 3 gaming headphones, I’ll be adding more when I’ve found awesome headphones released in the market for the next few weeks or months depending on the numbers of released of products for this specific category.