Most Favorite Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends

Tank heroes is the less picked or played heroes in the game, I don’t know the reason but it seems majority of the players wants to play the carry role such as marksman or assassin. Tank heroes are really exciting to play as they will can also carry the team in their own ways, a good tank can increase the game winning rate by a huge percentage. Imagine if you can get a tank that can absorb all the skills of the enemy heroes and still be able to survive? this kind of gameplay can turn the tide of the game giving you an upperhand and opportunity to destroy more towers or even kill the lord to get a helping hand for pushing lanes. If you haven’t tried this kind of roles in the game, then I think this is the best time to start. If you’re only reason not to play these heroes because you don’t own one, then worry no more! check out this ML battle points and diamonds free hack for you to be able to purchase not just the heroes but also the skins of your choice.

Most popular Tank Heroes in the Game

1. Balmond – If you love Axe in Dota game in desktop, then be sure to check this hero. It has almost the same looks and abilities but not really similar. It’s ultimate deals 350 health plus 20% of target’s missing HP as True Damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero. Sounds familiar eh?

2. Hilda – one of the most sturdy hero in the game and what’s annoying is its passive ability, as when it hides to a bush it’s regeneration abilities speed increases a lot. That’s why don’t expect to kill this hero easily, be sure to follow it through the grass as it just recharging and once it come out of the bush, you will see it is already full health Lol. In terms of ultimate, it’s ultimate is kind of similar to Garen’s ultimate in League of Legends and the animation for this skill is really amazing.

3. Hylos – This hero is somehow similar to Leshrac in Dota with that pulsating magic around him that can damage a bunch of enemies. This damage stacks and really hurts, usually it uses mana but even the mana is totally drained, it will used health instead so gears that adds health and mana at the same time armor are what you need to build for these magic damage tank hero. Take not that skills was just 2nd skill, the 1st one is a stun and it’s ultimate is like it will open a pathway where everyone in your team increase movement speed while slowing down the enemies who are retreating on this vortex-like pathway.

4. Jawhead – the latest tank hero in ML. This robot ultimate charge a single enemy hero and when it collides to other team mates can inflict additional damage. It’s passive lets you stack additional 8% of damage for physical hits, while the 1st skills is a rocket barrage, 2nd skills let’s you move faster and be able to throw enemy or allies in your desired position, perfect for setting ganks.

Let me know your favorite tank heroes that are not mention on this blog post and I will update it. You can also email or comment down below what you like the most on your chosen tank, such as unique abilities, appearance, and etc.

Awesome Looking Gaming Headsets

Playing games can be exciting if you will be using a dedicated gaming headset with 5.1 surrounds sound technology, specially if you are playing first person shooting games, as you will be able to feel every footsteps, sounds of the surroundings, in incoming projectile towards you. You will also be able to experience almost real-like sounds of sports car if you are into racing. Every time the engines rev and speed up, from braking and up to drifting, you will feel those sounds in detailed. Those are just 2 of the many benefits you can get with those kind of gaming peripherals, Here are the most popular headsets you can avail in your local tech store.

Steel Series Siberia V2

Perfect for audiophiles, this headphones is equipped with 50mm driver, and has a programmable illumination of your choice available in blue and orange. These headphones can output crystal clear vocals from low up to high tones with ease. It is also designed to be lightweight and it is fully compatible with PC and Mac. Heat orange is my favorite color for this brand.

Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless SE Premium Gaming Headset

This premium headphone features Genuine Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround to give you the most outstanding performance in terms of audio output. It can delivers immersive multi-channel audio that will make you feel the intense action while playing your favorite games. It features wireless connectivity up to 40ft range with up to 16 hours of battery usage so that you can enjoy playing longer hours. In addition it also comes with RGB technology to match up your gaming theme.

Razer Mano’war

One of the latest gaming headphones by Razor, it features wireless connectivity as well with up to 14-20 hours of continuous usage depending if lighting mode is active or not. It also equipped with Razer Chrome lighting and the most important specs is its 50mm driver with neodymium magnets. This headphones is powered by wireless 2.4GHz bandwidth not Bluetooth connection and can reach up to 40ft same with Corsair Void.

Those are the top 3 gaming headphones, I’ll be adding more when I’ve found awesome headphones released in the market for the next few weeks or months depending on the numbers of released of products for this specific category.


Learn Valuable Life Lessons with Sims FreePlay

No doubt, The Sims Freeplay game in mobile is one of the best real-time online multiplayer game I have ever played. It is totally free and you can install it on almost any kind of device, be it android, iOs, and other popular smart devices with different operating system. I started playing this game in my desktop computer few years ago and It’s kind of boring because it was offline games and you can’t interact with other players because they are just NPC’s. Now on this newest franchise, you will be able to play the game with other players online around the globe 24/7.

Playing the sims feels like real life, you will be able to learn valuable life lessons. From having companions, working to get your dreams, having a family and raising a child, career life, and buying all the your needs and wants such as luxuries. You will be able to buy a mansion that you can’t even imagine, with amazing pools, garage full of luxury cars, and enjoying social events in your home backyard like what you see in the movies. Sounds really dope right?

Sims is also realistic that there is also some sort of violence in the game, like what you did in GTA rampaging like a criminal all over the streets of major cities. The game is updated almost every month releasing bug fixes, new features, new things to make you more excited with the game. Many users are buying in-game items to buy all the things that a regular user can get such as customizations, and other items that will make every user jealous. These paid items are bucket of life points, carload of lifepoints, pile of simoleons, and many more. All of these costs real money, but you can get them for free by using sims freeplay money cheats. This kind of website is developed by programmers, and make them sure it is also updated as the game itself prevents such websites to get resources for free, because there are their ways to earn profit from the game. But not all users have the money to purchase this inside the game, that’s how they came up with the idea of creating such websites.

Is a 16GB Variant Smartphone Enough for Gaming?

If you are planning to purchased a 16GB variant smartphone of any brand that doesn’t support installation of games and applications on an external memory such as Xiaomi smartphones. I would suggest stay away from this specific variant, rather choose 32GB or 64GB variant if you are really want to enjoy your device and also if you are planning to install 5-10 games.

Android games nowadays requires hundreds of Megabytes and some even reach up to 1GB of file size because of new updates every week or every month. I regret purchasing 16GB variant as I can only install 3-4 games and I can’t even save my favorite mp3 songs and snap photos as the storage itself is not sufficient at all.

Again if you are looking to buy a smartphone for gaming, be sure to choose device with at least 3GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and at least 32-64GB of internal storage. Microsd cards are still quite pricey nowadays especially the ones with faster writer and read speeds, 64GB would costs you additional $25 and for the 128GB would costs you $50. The problem with newer smartphones these days specially Android Lollipop variants not let you install on the card, because of safety protocols. Instead you can only install app and games in the built-in storage. What does this mean you are only limited to the internal storage even you purchase a large external device.

The only purpose of those external microSD cards are for storing photos, mp3 files, and video such as movies and recordings. I hope this simple guide helps you in any way. If you have any questions related to gaming,  from consoles, computers, and to hardware specifics don’t think twice and throw your questions via email or straight to the comment section down below. Have a great day!